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Happy National Book Lovers Day to bibliophiles everywhere!
Now what’s a “bibliophile,” you ask? It’s a bookworm—someone who absolutely loves books and loves reading. We may tease them for always having their noses hidden between the pages, but bookworms actually have developed a habit that’s valuable for a number of reasons.
Reading is free or almost free (see libraries, garage sales, book swaps, etc.). Reading can be practiced nearly anywhere and at any time. Reading is relaxing. And, reading keeps our brains active throughout our lives. When we’re kids, and our brains are growing and absorbing lots of new information, reading helps us learn new words and new subject matter. When we’re aging, reading slows the decline of our memories by making sure we keep using all those words we learned!
Being a bookworm in the 21st century means we have unprecedented access to books on our computers, tablets, and e-readers. That makes it easy to travel with more books than we could ever possibly read. But, even so, many bibliophiles still love real physical books… the feel of opening a hardcover… the sound of turning a page… the scent of ink on paper… And that’s why bibliophiles are often thought of as collectors—or worse.
If you are a hopeless bibliophile, or if someone in your family is burying your home in books, it’s important to keep all that reading material organized—or just not in stacks on the floor, and off of the kitchen counters, and out from under the sofa, and, well, you get the idea. Here are some of our ideas of ways you can store all those books so they’re kept safely, organized, and easy to find.
A big trend for storage and display furniture right now are ladder bookcases. They’re tall, sturdy, and designed to fit a variety of styles from modern farmhouse to industrial to rustic. But metal bookcases in different colors can add a finished look in a living room or transitional space, tool
If you have an office space in your home, bookshelf sets that include a coordinating desk can be a good option that makes your storage space feel more formal.
And, finally, if you’re raising a young bookworm, bed and bookcase sets are fantastic for optimizing storage space. Kids and teens can build their piles of books and graphic novels so quickly! Don’t discourage it! Give them a place to organize their favorites however they like.