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So, you need a recliner. Or two. Or a few? There’s more to shopping for your kick-back-and-relax seating than you might think! Recliners come in myriad styles to suit your needs, your personality, and your room. So, let’s do an overview of what’s available to optimize your rest & relaxation time.
Group R&R
A reclining sofa or sectional is perfect watching your favorite movies with the fam on Friday night or catching the game with your pals on the weekend. Sofa and loveseat recliner sets can provide seating for five or more to recline together while sectional recliners offer room for a small crowd and recliners on each end.
Oversized R&R
When you need extra-plush relaxation, a chair-and-a-half recliner is the perfect choice. These extra-wide chairs offer more seat space than a standard recliner, but less than a loveseat which makes them ideal for napping with your doggo or curling up to read bedtime stories with a kid (or two).
R&R with a Boost
If you have a hard time climbing up and out of a plush seat, there are many options of reclining chairs with power lift so you can recline without worrying about getting stuck there! Lift recliners feature a motor that lifts the entire chair to help you stand up without stressing your back or knees. You control the lift motor with a remote control.
In addition to all of the above, you can make your selection from fabric recliners designed to fit everywhere from casual spaces to refined formal sitting rooms, or leather and suede recliners (including vegan leather) designed to grow more soft and supple over time.