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Having black furniture in your home can give it a sleek, simple, and modern look. If you plan how you want the room to come together, you’ll end up with a striking and stylish home; all it takes is a bit of inspiration. Here are our tips on how to pull off all-black furniture. 

Black furniture at Aaron’s 

At Aaron’s, we have you covered for dark or black furniture you would like, from living room sets to bedroom furniture. We will deliver and set up your products for free. And we have flexible rent to own payment plans that can work with your budget – sounds like a win win to us.


White Walls 

Having dark furniture calls for a contrast – light colored walls! You want your rooms to feel open and inviting, so having white walls can help brighten everything up. They work well with all-black furniture, since white is bright, and the black adds warmth to the room. Interested in another color for your walls? Check out this link to see what goes best with black furniture.


Pop of color 

With a black and white room, you’ll want to add a hint of color to your space to give it personality. There are tons of ways you can do this! You can add succulents, throw pillows, small bowls, or coffee table books — the possibilities are endless.


Light-colored rugs 

Dark furniture works best when contrasted with light colors. Rugs are a great way to add depth to a room. Light-colored rugs match well with black furniture. Want to know which colors and tones that fit with your dark furniture vibe? Here’s a link to help.

Unique lights 

Another creative way to make black furniture work is using modern light fixtures. Whether you change out a chandelier or add a new lamp to a table, it can really make the black furniture pop. Check out this link for some funky light fixtures.