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At its most basic elements, rustic style decor is similar to farmhouse but as a complete look it’s quite a different vibe. Whereas farmhouse gives an earthy feel that’s cozy, friendly, and reminiscent of simpler times, rustic style feels rough around the edges, rugged, or even industrial. It certainly can be made to feel warm and inviting, but for the most part, rustic decor leans towards a simple, streamlined, and monochromatic aesthetic.

Colors that Go with Rustic Decor

The color palette of rustic decor begins with natural elements adapted for modern uses. These elements haven’t been softened with paint or tempered with protective treatments. Think rough-hewn wood left unfinished and exposed to show a lifetime of use as a main element in the construction of your living space. Over time, it’s earned a dark, natural cast that’s easily complemented by dark, slate grey flooring or counter tops, black iron metal shelving supports, and worn leather trims.

Patterns that Go with Rustic Style 

There may not be specific patterns that are considered rustic, but because the style welcomes the addition of eclectic accents, patterns can be added in small amounts fairly easily.

The main seating area of a rustic living room may feature solid color upholstery in darker hues pulled from nature—deep red, midnight blue, or the darkest evergreen—but also include natural, handprinted fabrics on pillows, rugs, and throws. These accent pieces are where personality can come through. A variety of monochromatic African prints can make the space feel chic while subdued Southwestern prints can make it feel casual.

Rustic living makes do with what’s at hand and considers decoration welcome but a bit frivolous. Channel the Industrial Revolution as a theme for your modern comforts and add a dash of your personal style to bring rustic decor into your living space.