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If you love having artwork on your walls and displaying photographs of your family and friends all around your home, it may be overwhelming figuring out how to arrange everything in a way that makes sense. These tips will help you figure out how group your pieces in a way that looks both organized and beautiful!

#1 – Determine What Look You Like

Let’s be honest, there are infinite ways to style your interior decor. If you’re just can’t seem to make sense of how to coordinate your wall art, family photos, and other decorative pieces, you’ll can get some really valuable guidance by creating your own inspiration book or mood board. Tear out ideas you like from design magazines, search the web for examples of art and photo walls, and take notice of home decor styles you like from television programs or celebrity DIY shows. Once you gather your inspirations together in one place, it should become clearer what particular style(s) of wall displays you like.

#2 – Evaluate the Artwork You Have

As you’re figuring out what kind of vibe you want for your walls, begin aligning the pieces you currently have with the styles you’ve chosen as your inspiration. If there are similarities, you’re already on the right track! You just need to use your pieces to mimic the layout of the displays that you like. If nothing seems to line up, you can either revisit step #1 and look for inspiration walls that look more like the pieces of artwork and photos you own, or you can move ahead with a plan to add pieces to your current collection that will make it look more like those fabulous arrangements you like so much.

#3 – Put it All Together, Literally

Now, use the largest space you can to gather together all of your pieces that are ready for hanging. Lay them out around the living room, on the dining room table, or on the garage floor, and get ready to play a big game of mix and match. Start by choosing the pieces you need for the largest and most visible wall in your home and work down from there. (Remember, by the way, that large walls need large pieces of artwork. Small walls need small pieces of artwork.)

As you’re playing your mix and match game, look for pieces that complement each other with their colors, textures, shapes, or frames. Once you have a grouping or two that you like, start moving the pieces to the walls where they’ll hang and see if they still feel right to you. Once everything you have is on display, decisions on where to place new pieces will come more naturally.

Ultimately, just like every kind of decor in your home, there’s truly no right or wrong way to arrange your artwork and photos. The best way to judge whether something looks good or not is simply by looking at it on your wall and seeing if it gives you that “wow” feeling. You’ll know when you see it!