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Small space living is all the rage. Again! Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, homes got supersized, couches got overstuffed, and we acquired so many things we had to rent additional storage. Now, many of us are downsizing so we can save money and reduce stress. For everyone who’s gone small (or wants to), here are some tips to help you optimize living in your small space.

Size Matters, Measure Everything

Before you move into that 5th floor walk up, studio apartment, modular or mobile home, it’s important to take (and keep!) measurements of the place. If you’re downsizing from your existing home, you’ll need to know if the furniture you currently have will fit in the appropriate room as well as up the stairs, in the elevator, and through the doorways. If you’re buying new furniture, you’ll need to make sure you’re shopping for the right-sized furniture for the very same reasons.

Look Up

Small space living demands clever thinking—especially if your home is short on storage. Every design guru will tell you the same thing about making use of all the space that’s available to you: optimize it all the way up to the ceiling. For example, an empty wall is the perfect opportunity for shelving—all the way up! Items that you use less regularly should be stored on the highest shelves, just have a step stool tucked away so you can reach them. Use attractive bins and baskets to store smaller items you use regularly and keep the shelves from looking cluttered.


Small-Space Friendly Appliances

Downsizing doesn’t mean giving up access to modern appliances. Stacked washer/dryer combos are one-piece units designed to fit into apartment laundry closets, but they make efficient use of nearly any space that has washer/dryer hookups. A regular-sized, 27-inch-wide GE Spacemaker® unit from Aaron’s features a standard 3.8-cu.ft. capacity wash basket and 5.9-cu.ft. dryer tumbler but you can go smaller. The 24-inch-wide compact unit with 2.3-cu.ft. capacity wash basket and 4.4-cu.ft. dryer tumbler can handle the needs of singles and small families just fine.

Slim Down

Now that small space living has changed furniture needs for many families and singles, it’s easier that ever to find sleeker, slimmer styles that will fit your place while looking stylish and sturdy. When you’re shopping, seek out bedroom sets that are less bulky, dining tables & chairs in modern styles, and apartment-sized living room furniture that’s comfy enough for naps.

Check out all of the items Aaron’s has selected just for small space living. We curated this selection specifically for small spaces and each piece is available for low monthly payments.