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Yay! It’s almost time to decorate for the holidays! Here are some of our favorite decorating ideas for those of you who aren’t into traditional red and green holiday decor. They are guaranteed to make your home extra cozy this season.


Pinecones. Pinecones everywhere.

Have a pine tree in your yard? Then there’s probably plentyyyy of pinecones out there. If you can get your kids to take a break from throwing them at each other, pick some up and take ‘em inside. Pinecones are perfect for bringing in the Christmas season. Try mixing them with holly and faux berries to make a natural arrangement, or simply put a few of them in a wooden bowl for a classic winter look.

If you want to add even more holiday flare to your pinecone arrangements, painting them is perfect. Plus, it’s a fun craft if you have kids. You can use gold or silver spray paint, or you can paint them by hand. You can even use simple white paint and add gold glitter while the paint is still wet for some extra shimmer! These sparkly cones are the perfect addition to your holiday decor.


Hang some garland.

Whether you use a natural or a synthetic garland, it’s a simple and elegant way to spruce up your home for the season. You can buy garland from the store, but making your own is way more fun! If you buy a natural Christmas tree every year, you can use the trimmings and clippings to make it for free. All you’ll need to do is gather clippings from your Christmas tree, holly, and any other festive greenery you like. Then, connect the stems with either wire or twine. It’s also easy to personalize your homemade garland with lights, artificial berries, pinecones, or anything else — just get creative! These supplies are easy to find at a discount decor store, and they’re normally pretty cheap.


Light up your mason jars.

Mason jars add just the right amount of holiday spirit without being too over-the-top. Take short strands of colored or clear lights, and place them inside of mason jars. These lights are pretty easy to find at your local dollar store or craft store, and they’re super affordable. You can place these jars all around your house. You’ll love the sparkle, and you can leave them out after the holidays if you like.