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Creating the perfect backyard safe haven means the ambience needs to be just right – what better way to achieve that fun outdoor vibe than choosing unique ways to light it up! Here are our four favorite ways to light your outdoor space.

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1.       Lanterns

Jazz up your lighting arrangements by using lanterns on our patio furniture or corners of your landscaping. There are even fake candles you can buy that can be controlled with a remote, so you don’t have to stress about turning them on and off. Check out these awesome lanterns.


2.       Tiki Torches

Transport yourself to an island by surrounding your outdoor space with tiki torches! They can line up, almost like a fence, to provide a cool and beachy feel. Now if you have a staycation, eating outside will make it feel like you’re in paradise.


3.       Hanging Paper lanterns

Big circle lights are in and we are here for them. Hang some paper lanterns around your outdoor patio to give your lighting an airy and fun feel. If you are interested, here are some we love!


4.       String Lights

The original classic outdoor lighting – string lights. These can be draped around the backyard or around the furniture to provide the ultimate backyard aesthetic. Check out these string lights that are perfect for your backyard – and bonus: they are waterproof.