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Imagine your home or apartment with gorgeous, modern, all-white furniture. You may be thinking that there is no wayyyy people can keep white furniture looking clean and nice, but we’re here to help! Here are some ways to make it work in your home:



More White Furniture, Less People

One big mistake people make is introducing white furniture into high-traffic areas of their home: living room, family room, the foyer and entrance… you get the point. For our version of All-White Furniture 101, stick to placement in lower-traffic areas so the furniture avoids possible stains and spills. Using white for a guest room or a home office is a great way to incorporate white without worrying about maintenance.


50 Shades of White

Did you know that white comes in over 100 different shades? Crazy. Good news: these shades will add diverse tones to your space without even trying. You can choose between ultra-white, yellow-white, beige-white and more. If you are thinking about an earthy feel, green-white is the way to go. Wanting to feel cool as a cucumber? Use a blue-white tone to channel a calm aesthetic. Regardless, it’s important to choose one specific shade of white, and stick to it, when using all-white furniture in your home.


Accent Pillows + Colors

Whether your furniture or walls are white, adding a splash of color is a unique and fun way to add some depth to the room. Often, when you choose an accent color, the space automatically reflects it and completely transforms your space. For example, if you love a clear blue sky, adding light blue accent pillows or pieces to the room will give the room a light blue tint. Adding accessories like a colorful lamp or vase is another great option.


Texture is everything

Natural additions can add some serious texture, and wood floors or furniture add texture that can really complement an all-white room. Plan on having a white comforter? Check out our selection of wood bedroom sets that can be a great addition to your new room. Also, different materials (like rugs and blankets) will bring a freshness and will give the eye a much needed break from the white.